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Genetic Cancer Screening

Too many patients are offered genetic testing too late, often by a specialist at the time of a cancer diagnosis. However, your PCP can be the first line of defense in early cancer detection.

Music City Primary Care now offers genetic cancer screening! It is even covered by most insurances, so it is no cost to you.

*What is involved: We will have you fill out a questionnaire that reviews your personal and family history of cancer. That is used to determine if you qualify for genetic testing. We test for over 30 genes that increase your risk of developing cancer in the future. If you qualify, then we will perform a blood or saliva test in office. These samples will be sent out to the lab with anticipated results in 2 weeks. 

*If positive: you will be set up with a genetic specialist to discuss your findings and next steps. Screening will also be offered to your family at no additional cost. 

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